Above and Beyond

USGBC-Missouri Gateway is committed to recognizing volunteers who have contributed significantly to the Chapter, devoting time and talents “above and beyond” on a particular project or program – check out all the great work of our Above and Beyond honorees below!


Frank Eppert, USGBC-MO Green Schools Quest Mentor, ABNA

Ross Watson, USGBC-MO Green Schools Quest Mentor, Jacobs

Kat Golden, USGBC-MO Green Schools Quest Mentor, Missouri Botanical Garden

Ralph Bicknese, USGBC-MO Green Schools Quest Mentor, Hellmuth + Bicknese

Mary Fitzgerald, USGBC-MO Green Schools Quest Mentor

Jen Thomas, USGBC-MO Membership and Marketing Committee, Washington University’s Gephardt Institue for Community Engagement

Tom Miller, USGBC-MO Benchmarking Jams, Energy Resources Group

Lynda Morrison, USGBC-MO Chapter Advocacy Committee, St. Louis University


Nick Arb, USGBC-MO Gateway Emerging Professionals, Mid America Metals

Katie Belisle-Iffrig, USGBC-MO Gateway Green Schools Committee, Code Green Collaborative

Linda Daniel, USGBC-MO Gateway Advocacy Committee, Linda Daniel LLC

Kristin McKee, USGBC-MO Gateway Advocacy Committee, Lockheed Martin Energy


2015 Green Schools Event Volunteers, Green Schools Committee

Frank Eppert, USGBC-MO Gateway Technical Committee, LEED Community Project and Green Schools Quest, AFRAM Corp.

Becky Finch, USGBC-MO Gateway Growing Green Awards Working Group, TriNet

Carolyn Gaidis, USGBC-MO Gateway Scholarship Working Group, LAND SYSTEMS

Paul Todd Merrill, USGBC-MO Gateway Membership Committee, Clayco

Hannah Roth, USGBC-MO Gateway Continuing Education Blitz, Washington University


2013-2014 Green Schools Quest Mentors

Kevin Gates, USGBC-MO Gateway Technical Committee, Oates Associates

Lynn Larkin, USGBC-MO Gateway Membership Committee, Design Extra

Tim Michels, USGBC-MO Gateway Technical Committee, Energy Resources Group

Jan Niehaus, USGBC-MO Gateway Marketing Committee, Communication By Design

Ryan Walsh, USGBC-MO Gateway Technical Committee, Ross & Baruzzini


Lawrence Lile, USGBC-MO Gateway Chapter Mid-Missouri Branch, Lile Engineering LLC

Chelsea Madden, USGBC-MO Gateway ECORIDE Committee, Design Extra LLC

Robert Turck, USGBC-MO Gateway Membership Committee, Wright Construction Services, Inc.


Andrew Ramist, USGBC-MO Gateway Marketing Committee, Raimist Design


All members of the USGBC-MO Gateway Higher Ed Committee

Chrissy Hill, USGBC-MO Gateway Marketing Committee, Arcturis

Jon McGinnis, USGBC-MO Gateway Advocacy Committee, AAIC Inc.

Gary Steps, USGBC-MO Gateway Technical Committee, Butterfly Energy Works


Christy Cunningham-Saylor, USGBC-MO Gateway Program Committee & Education Task Force, Vertegy, an Alberici Enterprise

Alan Ely, USGBC-MO Gateway Program Committee, Ely Consulting Engineer, LLC

Becky Finch, USGBC-MO Gateway Growing Green Awards Task Force, Missouri Lawyers Weekly

George Fujii, USGBC-MO Gateway Education Task Force, Tarlton Corporation

Helene Mathis, USGBC-MO Gateway Program Committee & Growing Green Awards Task Force

Marjorie Melton, USGBC-MO Gateway Advocacy Committee and Scholarship Task Force, M3 Engineering Group

Suzanne Mondello, USGBC-MO Gateway Chapter member, Synergy Integrators

Jan Niehaus, USGBC-MO Gateway Marketing Committee Chair, Communication By Design

Richard Schuessler, USGBC-MO Gateway Government Advocacy Subcommittee, Huntleigh McGehee

Cristina Spicer, USGBC-MO Gateway Growing Green Awards Task Force and Emerging Green Builders, Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C.

Don Thieman, USGBC-MO Gateway Marketing Committee, A.S.P. Enterprises, Inc.

Vicki Woodside, USGBC-MO Gateway Marketing Committee, CI Select