Sustainable Project Assistance

USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter’s Sustainable Project Assistance (SPA) is part of our Community Build Program, an effort to create partnerships with other not-for-profit organizations in order to promote sustainable development and green building in our community. Establishing connections and relationships with other community organizations is our greatest opportunity to improve outreach and influence positive, sustainable initiatives in our community.

Sustainable Project Assistance (SPA) offers a structured approach for learning about community needs and matching projects with Chapter members, committees, or other organizations.  We have a strong, active membership that is passionate about creating a more sustainable place to live, work and learn. Participating organizations will benefit by showcasing their efforts to Chapter members and partners.

Application and Selection Process

Organizations may submit applications for projects that fall into the spirit of “transforming the built environment” – however they define this within their organization.  There is no limit to potential projects! USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter will select project applicants based on scope, current Chapter capacity and how well projects fit with the Chapter’s mission.  We anticipate selecting two projects per year.

We highly recommend that applicants have funding in place for projects. However, there may be opportunities to collaborate on a grant proposal or funding request. Many projects may not require funding if the request is for assistance or advice from experts in the field.

Selected Projects

Matched organizations will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Chapter to coordinate obligations and responsibilities.  A Chapter member will be assigned Project Manager for each project.  All members will be made aware of projects and a call for volunteers will be made when appropriate.  The Chapter will reserve the right to re-evaluate the project after six months. Take a look at the column on the right for examples of projects USGBC-Missouri Gateway has assisted with previously.

Eligibility Criteria and Application

Community Build Projects must:

  • Provide benefit to the broader community
  • Benefit a not-for-profit organization with a shared environmental vision
  • Transform the built environment within the community

There is no cost for applying.  Follow the link below to complete the on-line application.


Questions? Please contact USGBC-Missouri Gateway Staff at or 314-577-0854