Green Buildings Are Better

We live, work, learn, and play better in green and healthy spaces

Green buildings are better for people, the environment, and the bottom line. They steward natural resources and lower our environmental impacts. And they are healthier places for building occupants, which is especially important because Americans spend 90% of our time indoors.

Starting with just 15 volunteers in 2001 . . . 

15 years ago 15 committed volunteers came together to form one of the first six USGBC Chapters in the country – because they believed that green buildings are better. At that time, you could count the number of LEED buildings on your fingers. Your USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter has been educating and advocating on behalf of green building ever since then. Now we can celebrate:

  • 283 commercial LEED certified building
  • 113 residential LEED certified buildings
  • More than 1300 individuals with a LEED professional credential
  • Over 500 chapter members

But our work is far from over. Our goal is that every building is a green building within this generation. This is only possible with widespread community support. Join us in our work to support buildings of all types to green their design, construction & operations!

Learn. Join. Volunteer. Donate. Sponsor.

Green Buildings Are Better


Healthier and more comfortable, green buildings are better for living.




Green buildings are a great investment, and green building knowledge helps you keep your edge at work.




Happy, healthy kids make better learners.



Playing_bubble Green buildings protect our natural resources to enjoy for generations to come.